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Gary Vaynerchuk, the name needs no introduction. If you take interest in entrepreneurship and online businesses then you must have come across this name at some point. He is a serial entrepreneur and a jerk, which lies without hesitation. For some people, success is too much to handle. Gary is one of them. He is an inspiration to many. He does shows, travels, and publishes content on multiple platforms. But his real side is quite different from what you see online.

The popular Gary Vaynerchuk is a real heartless arrogant fool, who treats his employees like pieces of shit. You see him preaching all this knowledge about life and entrepreneurship online and start thinking,” He’s a great person.”

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But the truth is, he isn’t a great person in any sense. I’m an entrepreneur myself. I run a digital services agency and I can tell you with full certainty that Gary is an arrogant and egoistic narcissist. The world has very few deranged specimens like Gary. You won’t find such arrogant narcissists often. He talks about starting businesses and being a good person but he doesn’t follow his words. 

He is a hypocrite. He cost my agency thousands of dollars through unpaid bills. If he really was the guy he claims to be, he wouldn’t have cheated a fellow entrepreneur.

It’s important that people know the true identity of Gary Vaynerchuk. This guy is too full of himself. He might blow up one day because of the amount of ego-filled in his small head. Working with him is a nightmare. He is a poor employer, a hypocrite and one of the worst human beings. He lacks the basic manners and the basic values of a proper businessman. He keeps lying online and people buy it. I was also fooled by the glitz and glamour of his online personality.

If you would go somewhere and say something against Gary, you will get trolled by hundreds of thousands of wanna-be entrepreneurs. These fools don’t know the reality of Gary and follow his words blindly. Gary is proof that you can maintain a good online persona with lies. He is a cheat and a pathetic human being. This article will throw some more light on his devious acts so you can take a look at his other side. He shows the lifestyle of a CEO but he doesn’t show the full reality. The worst thing that can ever happen to a professional is when he or she has to work with Gary.

I have worked with him (through VaynerMedia) and I assure you, it’s a nightmare. You should know the true face of this public hero. Someone has to speak the truth. Let it be me today.

History of Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is a popular online celebrity. He speaks on entrepreneurship and the hustle of the same. You might have heard about him from some other ‘entrepreneur’ or a wanna-be entrepreneur.

According to his website, he and his family came to the US from Belarus in 1978. His family had 8 members who used to live in Queens, New York. Later, they relocated to Edison, New Jersey.

After telling about his origins, his biography starts praising him (clearly indicating his narcissism). It states:

“Gary often calls himself a purebred entrepreneur”

Why? Well, because he successfully started a lemonade stand at the age of 7 and then sold baseball cards and toys in high school, which were worth over tens of thousands of dollars.

He took advantage of the rise of the internet and converted his father’s liquor store into an e-commerce platform. That’s one of the biggest achievements in his life.

Like I told you, success has gone over Gary’s head and has damaged his thinking ability. I believe, Gary can’t even think straight now.

His story, which is mentioned on his website, keeps praising him endlessly. Talk about humility and humbleness. These words don’t exist in Gary’s dictionary.

His bio continues and says that Gary grew his father’s liquor business from $3 to $60 million. He used to upload content constantly on WineLibraryTV (a YouTube channel), which helped him make appearances on Ellen and Conan’s shows.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because you should know how an egoistic person like Gary keeps feeding his ego. He doesn’t hesitate in praising himself at any moment.

He just doesn’t stop. The problem with his bio is, it doesn’t give any details about his life story in reality. It is all about Gary’s achievements.

He has sold bestselling books, he owns multiple businesses and he has invested in many major companies of the digital age including Facebook and Uber. You can read his bio numerous times and every time, you will notice some more pieces of his praise.

Gary is a big celebrity; there is no doubt about that. But he is a liar, a deviant, a cheat and an arrogant fool too.

I’m not the only one who is saying all this. His past employees, colleagues, and business partners hate him. He doesn’t know how to behave and he treats everyone like crap. He has zero sense of professionalism. All he really cares about is himself.

The problem with Gary is, he is a major influencer and millions of people follow his advice. Those people don’t know that their hero Gary doesn’t know how to treat his employees properly. His company’s culture is disgraceful and having worked with him for some time, I can say for certain that Gary doesn’t treat his subordinates like human beings.

I own a simple digital services agency based in Los Angeles. We provide graphic designing and creation services primarily. Gary’s company had hired us for some projects related to logo design and graphic design of a website.

Apparently, they needed some experienced professionals and they did not have the required talent in-house. I was excited to work with him. Like many entrepreneurs, I too was a fan of Gary’s work and his ideology. Little did I know, that Gary is actually a real-life jerk whose company ‘forgets’ to make payments.

They gave us the project details, we worked on it and delivered it 1 week before the deadline. Everything was great up to that point. We then asked his company ‘VaynerMedia’ to make the payment for the provided services. They forgot. They kept ignoring our requests and our messages. At one point, I got to talk to Gary himself, and I was shocked by the kind of reception I got.

He was talking to me as if I was a deranged animal. He has no sense of respect for others. He treats other human beings like trash. And when I got to know this side of his, my whole perspective about him changed. I have heard him saying that he wants to be the ‘good’ example of entrepreneurship. Everyone knows that Steve Jobs was a jerk and Gary says he wants to set an example that you can be a good entrepreneur without being a jerk.

Well, world, the bad news is, Gary himself is an overrated jerk. He doesn’t hesitate in calling people names or start talking to them rudely for no specific reasons.

My agency waited for 5 months to finally get the payment for our services. And we still didn’t receive the complete payment.

Our bill was $60,000, and we only received $25,000. According to the accountants at VaynerMedia, we had only done the services of $25,000. When I contacted them to discuss the issue, I got the same kind of reply from his customer support. They started talking rudely and saying that I should know where I belong and that I better stop disturbing them. Apparently, the time of his customer support is spent on other affairs than handling customers. I hated every second of my conversation with his customer support.

My agency lost $35,000 because of VaynerMedia. Gary’s company is a disgrace to the industry. Sometimes, I can’t even believe that I used to think of Gary as my inspiration. He had motivated me to start my business.

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But he himself is a pathetic liar. He is a hypocrite and he is lying to every one of his followers. He has created a fake personality online of the ‘cool guy’. In reality, he is just a disgruntled middle-aged man, whose success has gone over his head. He is too arrogant and that affects his productivity.

And my complaint is not that he is a pathetic human being. No, my complaint is his company VaynerMedia, which is only successful because it has the name ‘Vayner’ attached to it, is full of people like him.

They all are a**holes and low-minded individuals. They all lack the basic manners of normal conversations and they all are too arrogant to talk to. I mean, the way his staff disrespected me and my company was too much for me to cope with. I stopped asking them for my payments because of their poor response.

We just marked VaynerMedia as one of the blacklisted companies with which we will never work in the future. A loss of $35,000 is substantial for any creative agency. There’s no way to find out how many companies Gary has scammed this way. He has become a celebrity now and he knows that his one word can make or break a brand. That’s why many companies don’t say anything about Gary or his poor company. They are afraid that Gary may call them out and they get defamed. Gary has a strong following and he can use it to destroy the reputation of any company. Why is he still so popular?

Apart from his numerous successes, Gary has written multiple bestsellers. He has 5 bestsellers under his name. He runs multiple companies, one of which is VaynerMedia, which doesn’t pay other companies. My problem with Gary and his company is simple: Stop lying to others.

His web of lies is too large. His whole online personality is a lie. He conducts shows, meets people, runs a podcast, posts videos on YouTube and shares a lot of content. But still, he is lying everywhere. This deviant stole money from my small business, and then called me names because I was disturbing him. His company steals money. And I am certain that I’m not the only victim of Gary’s wrongdoings.

Gary claims to be a good person and a nice human being but that’s another lie. If he starts telling the truth, he wouldn’t remain the popular celebrity he is right now.

Allegations and Complaints

I’m not the only person who has suffered the consequences of working with Gary and his company. There are many other people who hate the time they spent with their company.

Gary’s company, VaynerMedia had hired my agency for some freelance work. But when you’ll take a look at the reviews of this company’s past employees, you will see that the number of agitated people is quite high.

The lack of professionalism and an overrated leader makes his company (or companies) one of the worst places to work.

People look up to the CEO as an inspiration. And when the CEO treats everyone like shit, it’s obvious for some people to mirror his style.

As a result, many of the superior executives treat their subordinates as slaves. They would yell, call names and force the person to overwork. They do all that just to look good in the eyes of their superiors.

The number of negative reviews of his companies is very high. And that’s when Gary puts a ton of effort and spends a lot of money in removing the negative reviews posted against his company. He maintains a fake online persona and these negative reviews hurt the same. I have seen my review gets removed for no specific reason.

This jerk and his worthless company cost me $35,000 so I had shared my story on multiple platforms. But for some reason, they got removed or they got buried so deep that they became impossible to find. Let me share some of his past employees’ reviews so you can get an idea of what it’s like to work for this arrogant fool:

Gary Vaynerchuk 1

One complaint is about the culture of his office. The person says that everyone is too hostile and looking for ways to get ahead. If you did something good, chances are, your whole team will try to take the credit for it, and your superiors will take the entire credit themselves leaving you with nothing.

On the other hand, if you make a mistake, you will get all the blame, your team wouldn’t even consider sharing the consequences. No, you would be left alone to face the punishment. And do you know why that is? Because Gary himself is of this nature.

He doesn’t give credit to anyone else for anything. He markets himself like a God, who works miraculously and has achieved superhuman feats. In reality, he uses other people’s talents, minds and resources and gives them zero credit for the same.

When he hired our creative agency it was because he didn’t have any experienced graphic designers in VaynerMedia. His company didn’t pay us the full amount of the bill and then expected us to shut up. They never responded to our queries later and the way they handled the issue was terrible.

The complaint I shared above isn’t the only one.

Another freelancer who has worked with him raised the concerns of late payments and inconsistent work allocation.

Gary Vaynerchuk 2

This freelancer says that the management of this firm is always in haste and doesn’t respond to your questions. The new hires don’t know how to work properly and the communication in this organization is severely flawed.

Once you complete the work, they will release your payment after 30 days, which is against the freelancing laws in New York. This freelancer must have also faced harsh treatment from the officials at VaynerMedia. There are countless complaints against Gary’s companies.

One other past employee discusses how poor is the working schedule in Gary’s company. Your work/life balance will get ruined completely when you will start working for Gary’s company. Why? Because Gary believes that everyone should work 24/7. Even though he has others to do all of his tasks, he doesn’t care what kind of life you lead.

Gary Vaynerchuk 3

This complainer shares that the office is just like high school. Clearly, there is no professionalism or proper work ethic in VaynerMedia. You should note that all of these complaints are about only one of his companies.

You can imagine how many people would be leading unhealthy and stressed out lives because they are working under this maniac. And if you think your hard work will get rewarded, you are mistaken.

I have already discussed how your superiors take all the credit for your work in this organization and put your name ahead only when there is some error or mistake so you can be blamed for the same.

Gary’s companies aren’t for professionals. If you are a normal human with self-respect, then you would hate working under this guy. He yells, uses harsh words and to mimic him, your superiors do the same. As a result, you get a random work schedule with no incentive whatsoever and a continuous drain of your self-respect.

In another complaint, a person shares the reality of the office politics present in VaynerMedia.

Gary Vaynerchuk 4

The complainer tells that VaynerMedia has an excess of employees, who aren’t smart and experienced enough for their results. As a result, there is always chaos in the office leading to unproductive hours and wastage of resources.

The bosses believe in favoritism and you are forced to work hard without any rewards. Most of the times, your hard work will go unnoticed. If you don’t know how to suck up to your boss, you will stay behind while some untalented guy will get a promotion over you.

The number of under-qualified yet promoted individuals is too high in this company. Gary follows most of his philosophies here and due to them, employees at the lower end of the chain have to work the hardest.

Another complaint is about the low compensation and the poor culture of Gary’s company.

Gary Vaynerchuk 5

The leadership doesn’t know what to do and hard work goes unrewarded. The complainer also shares that the HR support and the finance department are pathetic.

In all of these complaints, you will find simpler problems being expressed just only in different words. It’s clear that Gary lies all the time and he is nowhere near the mark of being a ‘good’ entrepreneur. He is a narcissist, who has no sense of humanity. He can’t run his own company properly and he is teaching wrong values to hundreds of thousands of young minds throughout the globe. I can go on and on about Gary and his company and there would be no end to his malicious acts.

One of his past employees also wrote a negative review of the low-minded superiors present in the company. It’s clear that his companies are the worst ones to work for and there is no real reason for one to praise him. The management of all of his companies is worse than many third-world companies.

Gary talks about making the world a better place but he doesn’t pay his employees properly. He is a FRAUD and the worst thing is, millions of people are falling prey to this scammer.



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