James Nivette

James Nivette has been convicted of meeting a minor with lewd intentions. The court sentenced the 52-year old man to 364 days which he’ll serve at the Nevada County Jail. 

Additionally, James Nivette will serve 2 years of formal probation after his release. Also, he will be complying with the probation terms dictated by the court. This includes registering as a sex offender in teh state of California. 

The victim of this case was a Nevada County girl. 

However, the court may waive 75 days of his jail sentence if he doesn’t violate any terms of his probation. 

So, authorities reveal that he might spend only 284 days in jail overall. 

(Source: The Union)

James Nivette had pleaded guilty to one felony count of meeting a minor for lewd purposes in 2021. Initially, he had pleaded not guilty but agreed to plead guilty when the prosecutors dropped other charges against him. 

The other charges against James Nivette were for contacting a minor for a sexual offense and distributing pornography to a minor. 

Although both of them are major charges, the prosecutors entered into a plea deal with the man. 

Still, James Nivette’s attorney had asked the court for a smaller prison time of only 180 days while the prosecutors pursued a longer duration of 364 days. In the end, the judge sided with the prosecutors and gave him the longest sentence they were pursuing. 

According to his probation terms, James Nivette cannot come in contact with any female that’s younger than 18 years old. Furthermore, he cannot own a firearm or any other kind of deadly weapon. 

James Nivette will be submitting multiple checkups and have appointments with his probation officer as well. 

How James Nivette Got Arrested: 

The authorities arrested the pedophile in 2019 through their Grass Valley sting operation. 

They revealed that James had been chatting with a 15-year old girl who lived in Nevada County. However, her mother found out about these messages and informed the police. 

Police revealed that the chat included many sexual comments and James had shared several sexual images there as well. 

After investigating the incident, the authorities set up a sting operation to catch and arrest James Nivette. 

They posed as the 15-year old victim through the internet and continued the chat. Finally, they arranged for an in-person meeting. James Nivette arrived there thinking he would be meeting a 15-year old girl but ended up facing Green Valley detectives and police. 

Prosecutors said that the girl’s mother assisted them a lot and without her help, it would have been extremely difficult to learn about this predator. 

They also considered James’ sentence was appropriate because he didn’t have any prior criminal offenses in his record. They said that he could have faced a prison sentence of up to 7 years but it was a ‘non-violent’ crime and he didn’t have any criminal history. 

Recently, many predators have been able to avoid serious sentences because of legal loopholes. For example, Hunter Atkins succeeded in avoiding any charges because his victim didn’t want to press any. Although his case was similar, he was able to get away with it.

What do you think? Do you think James Nivette deserved such a light sentence?



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