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This article is not meant to praise Kevin Sheridan but to expose how unprofessional he is in his business and the services he offers. What happened to me should not happen to anyone else. This is why I am sharing this to keep everyone in the light. He claims to offer keynote speaking services, HR consulting services, and speaker training.

Kevin Sheridan is very poor in how he delivers his services to his clients. Kevin Sheridan is a massive scam, and my organization knows that all too well. I am going to share my predicament so that people are careful when dealing with this man.

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My organization hired him for HR consulting services, and he scammed us, and I will be glad to share my ordeal and warn people against hiring Kevin Sheridan.

His Services

Kevin Sheridan Services

Below are some of the top services that this guy claims that he offers but ends up duping people. I would not recommend anyone to use any of his services. Did I mention that he also claims that he is an author? Yes, he wrote a book that currently has a lot of negative reviews, but I will tell you about that later in the article, let’s first focus on the shoddy services he claims to offer.

He has the speaking services where he claims that he has spoken in over 100 events worldwide. I highly doubt that his speeches had something tangible that one can hold on to. According to what I went through after him for the human resources consulting services, I think that his speaking services are also inferior. He claims to be honored by the Inc. magazine for five years as the top 100 leadership speakers in the world. This leaves me wondering why such a popular magazine would accept such a fraudster.

I would not encourage anyone to offer his services at all. If you want a good speaker, do your research and find a better speaker who will offer his services thoroughly and professionally. There are many genuine speakers out there who can do this job with a lot of passion and a drive to give their best to their clients, unlike Kevin Sheridan.

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This is the worst of all the services he claims to offer. The HR consulting services are below average. Though he says that he has so much experience in providing HR consulting services, but what I was offered tells me that he has little experience in dealing with personage humans. This service is a critical one since it is meant to improve how people live in the workplace to enable them to interact peacefully with each and thus increase in production. If you do not want your business or organization to fall because of what the employees will be taught, then avoid Kevin Sheridan HR consulting services at all cost.

Then there are the speaker training services that this guy claims he does. If you want to be a great speaker someday, then avoid teaching from any of Kevin Sheridan’s raining. He is a quack, and I know that he also does not know how to handle students and the employees at large. It is suitable for you to look for an established and someone who is vastly experienced in the speaker training services.

My experience with Kevin Sheridan

As an organization, we were having issues with our employees, so we decided on hiring an HR consultant who would help us find our way out of the problems we had. I went on to research the best HR consultant, and finally, I came across Kevin Sheridan’s website, and that is where I learned that he offers HR consultant services.

I had previously seen him in an interview, and I decided that since he was a renowned leadership speaker, he would do the job very well. I did not do any further research on him, and I decided on hiring him. We talked to him, and he agreed on a half-day workshop at our workplace. This was a good start, and I thought that he was genuine and professional. Well, I had guessed wrong, and I must admit that a person’s form of speech can lure one into believing they are trustworthy and professional.

On the day that we were supposed to have the workshop, we called him early in the morning only for his assistant to tell us that he had an emergency trip, and therefore, he would not be available for the workshop. We were profoundly disappointed but all the same, the personal assistant gave us another date, and we agreed to it.

The date was two weeks ahead, and so we thought that by this time, he would have time for us and the workshop. Therefore we were never bothered in contacting any other HR consultant. We decided that we would stick with Kevin Sheridan because we had also paid for the service. After the two weeks were over, we called again in the morning, and the assistant also told us he would not be available to offer the services.

At this point, my blood was boiling with anger, and so I asked the assistant to refund our money back, but she was a bit hesitant, so she told us to wait for an hour until she calls Mr. Sheridan. After an hour, I called the line wasn’t going through, and that is when I realized we were scammed.

I tried contacting them through their website, but no one was responding. I gave up, but the situation significantly hurt me. After two days, I got an email, and they said they would refund my money. They sent half of what I paid, and upon asking why, they responded with an email saying that the half was for booking an appointment.

This is very unprofessional of them, and it looks like the organization under Kevin Sheridan is used to dupe people in this manner. I feel like he has been doing this for a long time, and some people tend to think that it is okay, but it is not, and this a form of fraud. I highly discourage anyone who wants to hire Kevin Sheridan for any service that he offers. You will lose your cash and your time as well.

Who is Kevin?

About Kevin Sheridan

There are a lot of things I saw on his website, and I know that they are just a way of marketing his business. He claims to have over 30 years offering HR consulting services, but I wonder if he had the experience, why would he start conning people? Why would he use such a cheap strategy to reap where he has not sown?

Kevin Sheridan is a total waste of time and also a waste of money. He also claims to know things that affect businesses today, but these are all lies. The website is a way of marketing one’s business, and since the services that he offers are purely business, he can lie all he wants to get more clients asking for his services.

He also claims to give people tailor-made services for a specific organization and help until the organization can never grow. He even mentions that he is the New York Times best-selling author, but I still wonder why the magazine named him an author since I have also heard complaint against him. Kevin is such a disappointment, and what has been described on his website are total lies, and no one should believe these lies.

Kevin Sheridan also has claimed to have helped most organizations grow because of his expertise. However, this does not seem like so. As I said, this is just a marketing scheme that he appears to have and thrive in.  Consider asking him to offer the service first, and then you can pay after he has done the job. This is a bit tricky, and I doubt if he can accept this, but it is also a safer way of ensuring that you do not lose your cash.

What I expected

I am quite sure that I never expected too much from him, and that is why I am wondering why he under-delivered what he promised on the website. As a professional keynote speaker, and as he said that he has been offering hr consulting services for over 30 years, I expected him to provide exceptional services professionally and justly.

The first thing that I expected him to do was to call me early in advance and tell me that he would not be around. He should not have accepted the service if he knew he often has emergency meetings to deal with. I also expected him to have my money refunded after he confirmed that he was not going to attend the workshop.

The second thing that was expected was for him to tell me that there is a booking fee in addition to the service fee. The fact that he decided to refuse to refund the whole amount shows that he is a fraudster, and no one should trust him in any way. Because he is a professional consultant, I expected him to do things professionally, but he never did.

The fact that after receiving money from me he turned me over to his assistant pained me a lot and I took it as being very rude. So I can conclude that Kevin Sheridan is very rude to his clients.

He does not deliver his services according to the expectations people have of him, and that is what makes him unprofessional — someone who does not care what his clients may think of him. Kevin Sheridan is just a fraudster and not a professional speaker and author as he tries to put.

People’s complaint

Upon searching on the internet for some negative reviews about him, I noticed there was one person who rated his book at a meager rate. The complainant said that the writing is very dry and very dull, so he can’t do anything as a speaker or as a consultant.

If he is a shallow writer, then that makes him a very shallow speaker. Why would one hire a shallow speaker who is expected to teach and instill some ethical values in their leadership careers?

I know that others are as disappointed as I am, but I know that they are very uncomfortable sharing their experiences with the world. However, no one should feel intimidated to share the horrific stories that they have gone through in the hands of any professional speaker, coach, or consultant.

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My recommendations

I highly recommend that people should always strive to ensure that they have done thorough research on the people they are willing to hire. For instance, if I had had thorough research on Kevin Sheridan, I would have bumped into the complaint, and I would not have hired him as an HR consultant for my organization. I have learned my lesson, however, and I am making everyone know what they ought to do if they do not want to get into trouble with fraudsters such as this guy called Kevin Sheridan.

I also recommend that one should consider looking for a more established speaker and trainer. People like Kevin Sheridan are not yet established like others in the market, so you need to take a step and look for people who are found in this field.

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The third thing is that you should do anything possible not to pay before the services are fully offered to you. Consider paying after the professional has completed everything to do with the service you are buying.

Kevin Sheridan’s books

Kevin Sheridan is the author of the ‘virtual manager’ and ‘building a magnetic culture.’ The most exciting thing about these books is that they both have critics who say that the books are very shallow. This means that Kevin does not have adequate knowledge to call himself a trainer or even an author.

The books can be bought from his website, and this scares me since I am very sure that one can easily be scammed by buying on the site. However, there is no need to purchase any of his books because they do not have the information that can help you grow. The information in the two editions is very shallow, and it is just like reading from an online platform.

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