Spiro Agnews Ghost: Who is he on Twitter?

Spiro Agnews Ghost is an anonymous Twitter user who makes political comments. Let’s find out more about the individual.

The Spiro Agnews As his name implies, Ghost is a social media influencer and an unidentified ghost at the time.

In terms of politics, Agnews Ghost is highly popular on Twitter. The author typically writes on topics related to politics and recent political news.

Currently, he or she had 270.6k tweets and more than 142k followers.

He or she manages the @SpiroAgnewGhost account and has followed 38 users. Additionally, the profile and cover photo of the genuine Spiro Agnew were retained. The platform welcomed him in February 2014.

Also, the majority of people wanted to know more about the person who was actually in charge of the Twitter account but he hasn’t yet revealed his true name.

In addition, Spiro Theodore Agnew served as the US’s 39th vice president. According to Wikipedia, he served from 1969 until his resignation in 1973.

Who is he, once more?

— Jenn Hofmann, October 19, 2021, via @TheZuriProject

How old is the mysterious person, according to Spiro Agnews Ghost?
The real age of Spiro Agnews Ghost is between 30 and 40 years old.

No one could guess the age of the account’s genuine owner because sources don’t know who he is.

Yet, because he makes political commentary, the persona must be older than 30.

In addition, the real Spiro Theodore Agnew passed away on September 17, 1996, at the age of 77.

Spiro was born in 1918, and he used to gather with his loved ones to celebrate his birthday on November 9 every year.

Instagram Ghost Spiro Agnews

Under the Instagram username @spiroagnewsghost, there is an account.

But, we are unsure if it is managed by the same individual that manages a Twitter account.

The Instagram account only has six followers, there are no postings, and no one has yet been followed.

That might not be the same individual given the followers and postings.

According to two people close to his campaign, Jack Ciattarelli, the NJ GOP candidate who came in second to Gov. Murphy, would declare defeat on Friday since there is no hope he can close the 74,000-vote difference between them. And he doesn’t allege fraud. What a notion.

— Spiro Agnew’s Ghost on November 12, 2021 (@SpiroAgnewGhost)

Is Ghost Gregg Spiro Agnews?

Nobody knows for sure if Spiro Agnews Ghost is a Gregg.

Since the author has not used Twitter to openly identify his name.

As neither the real person nor any other media pages have discussed his biography, it is difficult to infer that he or she is a Gregg.

We shall update as quickly as possible if the person in question shortly divulges his personal information.



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